Mighty Behind the Bars Pt 2.

Lesson 2

We left just moments after that. Margo and I went to several houses, each was more welcoming than the previous. We ate food at Robyn’s, at Leroy’s some lady came over with a bunch of stuff to sell and Margo let me pick some things. At each house he gave me instructions about how to act and what to do. He said, “Lesson two never ever look away.” “You have to show them you’re not afraid,” I did not have any idea what the heck he was talking about. But I pretended to be intensely interested. “There is no one not even me, whom you should fear.” Margo went on and on he even made me take notes at one point.

Then, we pulled up to this house on 31st and Adams Avenue. It was a dark brick house with pink trim. It looked abandoned but I could see as we got closer to the door that it was occupied. Before we got out of the car Margo instructed me to reach over to the glove box and give him his “banger.” That was when I learned what a gun was. I began to lock the door with the intention to stay in the car on this stop. Margo was not going to allow that he looks at me with those devilish features and demands, “Put this in your pants.” I started to try to fit the gun in my pocket, but he started laughing at me. “This isn’t no damn John Wayne movie Boss this is the real deal. Put it in the back and pull your shirt over it and when I say ``Now pull it out and point it at whoever I’m talking to.” Margo continued. I was terrified I had never seen a gun much less pointed at someone! I was willing to do whatever he said in order to keep his attention. We went in and I did as I was told. When we got back in the truck, I felt powerful and walked with a new confidence. I turned to Margo and said, “Am I going to jail?” “Listen Boss,” Margo said with an air of regret, “I am teaching you how to lead. How to be in charge. But the truth is you might go to jail someday. Being a leader comes with consequences ``''Why?” I asked. “Because boss, sometimes when you’re the leader there will always be someone who tries to take your place. Someone who will try to make you look weak. That is why you must teach them to fear you. Margo answered. “How do I make people afraid of me? I am just a girl.” I asked this question with sincerity. I was not sure how I could scare anyone. Margo demanded my attention again. “Lesson 2 boss. “Never show fear, compassion, tears or weakness ever. Not even when your alone. Someone is always watching. Do you hear me?” I could not believe that the man in front of me was my father. He was telling me, a child, t

o not cry. Does he not know what the hell I had been through in the past year? None the less I did not say anything I just nodded and hoped we could leave and go home so I could read. Just as I looked up something loud popped three times and the glass in the truck window shattered. Margo grabbed me, pushed my head in my lap, I was folded in half and could barely breathe. Margo, sped away, “stay down!!” he yelled. I did what I was told but I was curious I was not sure what had happened. As we came around the block, we had just left. I knew that what was about to happen was bad and I should have said something. I was so young, and I had no idea how to stand up to this man that is supposed to be my real dad. We started going slow so I thought I could come up and that was a mistake. Just as I sat back down on the seat, I saw Margo pull his gun and shoot at someone. Then the guy fell, and we drove away at the speed of light.

I had never seen anything like it, but what really struck me was that I was not scared at all. I felt excitement, curiosity and power. Margo did not even bat an eye he just kept doing his rounds as if he w

as used to people shooting at him. He never showed any fear, he just walked around as if the world owed him something. He was confident and cocky as hell. We went through